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Intriguing post this one. I do not know the author(s) so I cannot give her/him/them any credits.

After reading his post I tried to match his insights with these forms of knowledge:

tribal knowledge

logic and intuition


common science solutions

complex science

inventive solutions

I have not yet found a solution (good match) but I will try to elaborate my points (and way of thinking) in the forth coming weeks. Great stimulus from bn to create a context and start connecting

Source: http://blog.enterprise2open.com/2009/06/02/ideas-for-the-measurement-of-enterprise-20-effects

In an internal discussion of our Advisory Board regarding the topics of the E20 SUMMIT programJoachim Niemeier posed the question whether classical economic measures are suitable to measure and verify Enterprise 2.0 effects.

Though cases like the TransUnion project (cited by Dion in his blog post on determining the ROI [cross-referencing to the post of Ross Mayfield

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