The Others – a perception of HR

As always, things pop into my head during movies, hangouts and reading certain posts and articles. One of those things lurking in my brain is the topic of HR and their closed reality or what I like to call it the HR dimension. It is not my intention to blame the HR department for their lack of perceiving close future trends and benefits. But it is more than obvious that there is something wrong within the way HR looks, listen, and watch at their business habitats. It might be a little bit mean to say this but HR Departments seems to be like the family in the movie “The Others”. Do you remember it? It is the family living in this huge house with Nicole Kidman as the mother waiting for her husband returning from the war and her two kids and the household staff. Strange things happens around the house, the husband returns and then again leaves. At the end we all know that it was false perception. Mother and kids were already dead but their ghosts (especially the mother) did not accept this reality. The only ones aware of the whole situation are the household staff.

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