Social Business und Enterprise 2.0 Adaption

Ich habe es mal wieder geschafft und auf einen neuen Beitrag geschrieben. Der vorletzte Enterprise 2.0 Hangout auf Google Plus hat mir die Inspiration gegeben. Ich habe mir Gedanken über die Verbindung des symbolischen Interaktionismus nach Mead und Blumer mit der kommunikativen Realität in Bezug auf Mitarbeiter. Werte und Bedeutungen sind unterschiedlich und dementsprechend haben sie in unterschiedlichen sozialen Gemeinschaften einen anderen oder geänderten Zugang.

Der Beitrag ist auf Englisch und ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Lesen. Vielleicht inspiriert der Beitrag Sie als Leser zu weiteren Überlegungen und Weiterführungen der Idee hinter dieser Betrachtung.

Worlds collide


Öffentlichkeit und Expertenaustausch – Enterprise 2.0 sucht die Öffentlichkeit

Zwei große Veranstaltungen waren in den letzten 2 Monaten sehr präsent für mich: Die Webciety auf der CeBIT in Hannover & der Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 in Paris. Hier finden sich meine Eindrücke, Erkenntnisse und Mitbringsel der beiden Events. Weiterlesen

Programm-Flyer für den Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 in Paris

logoIm März ist es wieder soweit. Der Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris findet vom 20. bis 21. März 2013 statt. Veranstaltungsort ist wieder das Pariser Hotel Le Circle de Armées.

Hier geht es zum Flyer der Veranstaltung: Enabling and Devoloping the (R) Evolution of the Enterprise.

The Santa Sleigh Model

Well, it’s Christmas time – the most holly and jolly time of the year. People seem to be friendlier and try to get along with each other. Overall it is a time of harmony and joy. I want to embrance this particular moment as an opportunity to look at our inner child and an interesting approach of collaboration, communication and interaction.

Once we all loved the wonderful image of Santa in his sleigh at the night sky fulfilling the dreams of million and millions of children all over the world. If we look at this special image from a business point of view we would say AWESOMENESS: Delivering goods within one night all over the world. But we all know that this image is pure fantasy,  isn’t it? Here is my concept of a holly and jolly awesomeness model of delivering faster or better said getting much better at your business.

Read the whole post on the Enterprise 2.0 Blog

The Others – a perception of HR

As always, things pop into my head during movies, hangouts and reading certain posts and articles. One of those things lurking in my brain is the topic of HR and their closed reality or what I like to call it the HR dimension. It is not my intention to blame the HR department for their lack of perceiving close future trends and benefits. But it is more than obvious that there is something wrong within the way HR looks, listen, and watch at their business habitats. It might be a little bit mean to say this but HR Departments seems to be like the family in the movie “The Others”. Do you remember it? It is the family living in this huge house with Nicole Kidman as the mother waiting for her husband returning from the war and her two kids and the household staff. Strange things happens around the house, the husband returns and then again leaves. At the end we all know that it was false perception. Mother and kids were already dead but their ghosts (especially the mother) did not accept this reality. The only ones aware of the whole situation are the household staff. Weiterlesen

SAP and Gamification in the Enterprise | Gamified Enterprise

Many large enterprises are starting to look at gamification as a powerful strategy to drive engagement across their internal and external programs. SAP, one of the earliest of these companies, has been investigating Gamification with the launch of a company-internal gamification community since the summer of 2010.

While there had been individual approaches before that, we never went beyond research or experienced more in terms of recognition. In 2010 when we started experimenting with gamification techniques, search engines returned approximately 400-500 search results for the term “gamification.” In all honesty, we were not even sure, if gamification is the term or strategy that we were looking for.

SAP and Gamification in the Enterprise | Gamified Enterprise.