Socialized! reviewed – A must read even for Evangelists and pioneers


I might call myself as a person that is diving very deep into the topics of social business and enterprise 2.0. As I am very keen on new books and interesting publications I was eager to get my eyes on this book by Mark Fidelman.

First of all: This book is even from my point of view a very good and very intense road map, playbook guideline and use case approach to social business and enterprise 2.0. The holistic approach is one of the parts that caught my attention. I really appreciate that Mark Fidelman gives the reader a whole toolbox and a good overview how and why Social Business works and can be put to work.

The culture detection tool is one of the many things that I really liked about the book. The set that could be find within the book is a good orientation to find the basics about the company culture. This set could be integrated in many aspects of questionnaires, interviews or other tool sets. What I really like about this set is the win win aspect: The responsible person for Social Business transformation gets the data and the orientation she/he needs and the people involved in this data mining are more sensitive and responsive toward the topic of company culture.

The dynamic documentation tool is another very interesting approach Mark shows in his book. He calls it the playbook. At all I really like the idea to write down certain findings within a dynamic strategic approach. Socialized! Puts this approach a little further by suggesting to create such a strategic book for the main stakeholder in the company. Mark has a very vividly example to show how such a playbook works: He connects strategy, data and findings with the so called playbook of football trainers. As a European I am not so much into the whole culture and strategy of football but the example still works and gave me a very intense idea what the whole greater idea of this playbook is: Dynamic strategic planning for tracing and planning the Social Business transformation process.

The connection tool is not directly mentioned within Mark Fidelman’s book but it is a tool we should be all aware of. You could say that the book as a whole and every example, text and diagram within the book connected are creating this tool. To make long things short: I really appreciate that Mark shows that internal and external approaches got to work together, should have an overall strategic approach and depending on each other. Socialized! shows that Social Business is the holistic strategy to get different types of Social to work within your company.

The only parts of the book I am not getting so much into are the automation approach of Social and the Funnel principle. But these are subjective things and instruments that anybody should look and read for themselves. There might be certain situations where these tools and strategies work but I think they should not be considered in general.


Ihr Social Business Ansatz wird scheitern!

Und der Grund dafür ist ganz einfach: Sie werden wie viele Berater, Strategen und Unternehmen versuchen Social in altbewährte Geschäftsprozesse, -Strukturen und -Hierarchien zu übertragen. Das führt unweigerlich zum Scheitern und Auslöschen der Social Business Initiative. Die Idee und Philosophie von Social, Social Business und Enterprise 2.0 ist nicht weniger als eine Revolution des Unternehmens, der Unternehmenskultur sowie der Art und Weise wie wir arbeiten. “Alte” Strukturen, Prozesse und Philosophien sind nicht per se schlecht aber sie funktionieren nicht mit Social bzw. sie verhindern, dass die Idee des Social Business und Enterprise 2.0 funktioniert.